Some of our past guests:

We stay anonymous until the end so we can share our toughest challenges with no one to impress.

How can we keep people from modeling all of our CEO’s behaviors?

Cofounder, FinTech

How do I address our star engineer’s unsettlingly dark sense of humor?

VP of Engineering, B2C

What to Expect

  • Drop Your Guard: Share challenges without worrying about coworkers.
  • Trade Notes: Leave with a list of tips and resources just for you.
  • Help Others: Share what you’ve learned with others in your shoes.

What Not to Expect

  • Lectures or Panels: Anyone can have the floor with no interruptions.
  • Speed-Networking: We share your info later: no need to work the room.
  • Randos: We’re small, and everyone has something in common.
Being around others with similar challenges was more valuable than I’d have predicted. I left thoroughly invigorated.

VP of Engineering, B2C

Really good, and that’s coming from a guy who came in very cynical about what could be accomplished in a short time.


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